Fastener Industry Innovators

We’ve taken care of the task of identifying thread pitches, diameters, lengths and grade requirements, etc., so the only thing left for you to do is select your kits. Years of research and knowledge regarding fasteners, coupled with the expertise that comes from many customizing projects, has enabled us to achieve this.

The kits range from a simple point cover set, or head studs for Norton’s, to what we call “fender to fender” detailing. Our kits are absolutely complete as they have you in mind when created and contain nuts, flatwashers, lockwashers and other essential items for you to complete your project.

We are the innovator of the “Shop Master” and offer a full open bulk stock of chrome plated, stainless steel, cad, or gold plated allen screws, washers, bolts and nuts for all American, British, Metric and special Harley Thread needs. We have cad plated fasteners for your service area.

We carry sheet metal screws, carriage bolts, bowtie and skull bolt stamped hex caps, nylon washers, studs, allen nuts, acorns, cotter pins, spacers, brass fittings, wire, electrical terminals, and much more – We are your full-line quality fastener supplier.

Our product line is constantly expanding, so please contact us for special items not listed, as we custom produce many items.